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New York
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Systems Integrators (Engineer Furnish or Install)
ARCS - Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems
With over a decade of combined experience in technological innovation & Radio Communication, we come to you with the latest in Telecommunication & Life Safety Technology. Our company’s mission is to innovate, educate, and supply the best and robust options. Our Specialties include, Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems (ARCS), Bi-Directional Amplifier/ Distributive Antenna System (BDA/DAS), and Cellular Boosters. We at Marconi, are proud to have a team which is dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to get a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Located in New York, we have a fundamental understanding of the local requirements for in building life safety communications. We are dedicated to bringing our knowledge to develop the future of life safety technologies & more.
Systems Integrators
Marconi Technologies ARCS Video A short informative video, which was shot and produced in the historic landmark in Brooklyn, New York, the DIME BUILDING. This video explains the need for an ARCS - Auxillary...

The ARCS Model VC121N Radio Amplification Unit (RAU) is a slim, abbreviated design with sleek aesthetics designed for midrise buildings. This model fits well in ever-shrinking city footprints and small spaces....

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