Harris Communications

P.O. Box 37754
Rock Hill
United States
Systems Integrators (Engineer Furnish or Install)
We Are Your Distributed Antenna System Solution You can get a DAS from a few different places these days, so why should you work with Harris Communications? Our company was founded on the principles of transparency, openness, and telling our clients the truth. We are down-to-earth people, who value your time, as well as our own. We have seen how this industry can present false starts, complicated problems, and inconsistent service, and we understand what it takes to avoid those pitfalls. Part of our commitment to providing excellent service is our holistic approach to DAS and ERRCS. We can handle every piece of creating your DAS, from design and spec, to testing and maintenance. Our ability to seamlessly work on each stage of your DAS project shortens timelines, makes us more efficient, and give us the ability to work confidently in any type of building or facility, anywhere in the USA. Our company runs on continuous improvement and innovative problem solving, but there is one foundation underneath it all: honesty. Harris Communications is founded on the principles of transparency, openness, and telling our clients the truth. In an industry that often suffers from bloated project quotes and tricky pricing designed to hide what you’re paying for, Harris Communications has earned our reputation by simply being honest with our clients time after time. We believe that’s the only way to do business.
Systems Integrators
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