Cell Phone Signal Booster

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United States
Signal enhancement systems we carry and install can improve cellular & wifi wireless signal connectivity inside buildings, offices and homes. Our industrial grade 80 dB public safety band bidirectional amplifier systems (BDA) such as SureCall Guardian4 supports more than 100 simultaneous users per band on 700 MHz (FirstNet Ready), 800 MHz, 900 MHz SMRS. They help meet all federal and local government in-building coverage requirements for certificate of occupancy. Our solutions are guaranteed to work for all size properties from small buildings to tall skyscrapers. We choose the most suitable brand products including SureCall Guardian, Nextivity Cel-Fi Go Red, Comba, etc. based on the location requirements to design the most cost effective system that provides permanent solution for consistent in-building wireless (IBW) coverage. Our clients include Holiday Inn, Barnes & Noble, City Of Bellaire, Crane Company, Oilfield Supply Company, Komatsu Mining Corporation, and many others.
Watch here for interesting news, articles, and blog entries about our organization and the subject of Public Safety communications. About Us Guardian 3 QR is FirstNet Ready NFPA 72 Public Safety Signal Booster...

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