Airtower Networks

Systems Integrators (Engineer Furnish or Install)
Airtower Networks is a leading wireless infrastructure provider that designs, builds and manages indoor wireless networks. Our systems include next-generation unlicensed LTE, Wi-Fi, public safety and cellular networks. With clients ranging from the largest commercial real estate developers to the most technologically advanced government organizations, we consistently provide cutting-edge solutions to meet each customer’s wireless needs. Airtower Networks takes the various state-of-the-art wireless network options and customizes based on our customer needs and constraints. With our next-generation unlicensed LTE and Wi-Fi networks, we support residential tenants, hotel guests, and business enterprises. Additionally, we design and build indoor cellular networks used by major carriers (e.g., AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint), working closely with building owners and carriers to coordinate and deploy essential mobile services. In the new construction community, Airtower Networks builds public safety networks that support emergency first responders throughout the country and has extensive experience working with municipalities to ensure these mandated systems are compliant with federal, state and local code. Understanding the nuances of each network type allows Airtower Networks to optimize network performance and deliver high-quality, specialized services to its clients. Check us out at!
Systems Integrators
Watch here for interesting news, articles, and blog entries about our organization and the subject of Public Safety communications. About Us Wave Wireless is a leading wireless infrastructure provider that...

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