Welcome to the Safer Buildings Coalition Member Showcase!

Correctly and professionally installing public safety-grade in-building booster systems requires special equipment, materials, experience, and expert knowledge of national, state, regional, and local codes and standards.

Safer Buildings Coalition Members catalogued here are committed to learning, teaching, innovating, and collaborating with best of breed providers and thought leaders to ensure that they have access to the finest, most current information available when planning, implementing, operating and maintaining these life-critical systems.

The purpose of this showcase is to provide visibility to the organizations who have demonstrated this commitment through Safer Buildings Coalition participation in this specialized community of practice.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Safer Buildings Coalition is a not for profit association focused on promoting excellence in in-building communications when they are needed most. The SBC does not endorse or recommend any specific organization or technology.


RF Solutions LLC

OEM, Systems Integrators, VAR



RLA Communications Engineering LLC

Engineering, Consultant

Safer Buildings Coalition

Trade Association

Sanford Health (Fargo Region)

Enterprise (REIT, Building Developers, Property Managers, Industry Verticals, CIO's, etc.)

Sema Wireless Services LLC

Systems Integrators

Siemens Building Technologies

OEM, Systems Integrators, VAR, Fire Alarm Systems

Systems Integrators

Teleco South Florida

Systems Integrators


Distributor, Engineering, VAR

TowerIQ Inc.

OEM, Systems Integrators, Engineering, Two-Way Radio - MFR Rep

University of New Mexico

Higher Education

University of Tampa

Higher Education

Velex Inc.

Systems Integrators, Engineering, Electrical Contractor, Turf Vendor, General Contractor

Wave Wireless

Systems Integrators

Wireless Signal Solutions

Systems Integrators