Invision Communications, Inc.

4654 SR64 E
Suite 136
United States
Systems Integrators (Engineer Furnish or Install)
Electrical Contractor
Invision Communications provides design, testing, integration, and installation services to provide secure, high-availability communications platforms for commercial, federal, and municipal customers. Invision Communications is full service, Florida-based, Unlimited Electrical Contractor (EC13008900). Our comprehensive understanding of redundant power, communications infrastructure, building control systems, full technology stack, physical and cybersecurity controls have established Invision Communications as a trusted advisor to real estate investors, property owners, REITs, general contractors, commercial building managers, boards of directors, AHJs, suppliers, and industry regulators. Our clients include commercial properties, condominiums, distribution centers, warehouses, self-storage, retail, hospitality, parking structures, auto dealerships, health care facilities, houses of worship, marinas, academic campuses, manufacturing, and industrial complexes. Invision Communication is a proud member of the Safer Buildings Coalition (SBC). We maintain a national perspective as active members of Communications Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Comm-ISAC) and InfraGard Commercial and Intellectual Property working groups. We are certified in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) for Commercial Properties. Our staff holds multiple industry certifications related to physical security including the Certified Protection Professional from the American Society of Industrial Security (CPP-ASIS). Recognizing our increasing digitally enabled connectivity supporting critical infrastructure industries, we have considerable expertise in cybersecurity. Leadership members have recently completed the Chief Risk Officer program at Carnegie Mellon University (CRO-CMU). Collectively Invision Communication's technical team holds over 70 industry certifications ranging from digital payment protection, industrial control systems, application security, block chain and physical penetration's testing.
Systems Integrators
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