42 Lad St
Suite 227
East Greenwich
United States
Power and Battery Devices
VoltServer was incorporated in 2011, and officially opened company doors in East Greenwich, Rhode Island in July 2013. The company is developing and delivering to market, an innovative power distribution platform based on the company's patented Digital Electricityâ„¢ technology. VoltServer is a venture-backed technology leader reinventing how electrical energy is distributed. VoltServer's patented Digital Electricityâ„¢ solutions safely deliver electricity where, when, and how it is needed. Digital Electricityâ„¢ can be delivered using off-the-shelf data cable, at significantly reduced cost, and with greater speed, power, distance, efficiency, intelligence, and flexibility, when compared to competing electrical installations. VoltServer began shipping in 2015, and is installed in over 700 large venues and intelligent buildings, powering 4G/LTE/5G mobile services, converged desktop, LED lighting, and IoT applications, in large stadiums, airports, convention centers, office towers, hotels, condominiums, hospitals, and indoor gardens.
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