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Nextivity®, Inc. makes the world’s most intelligent, powerful, and easy-to-use cellular, public safety, and private networking coverage solutions. Nextivity is the global leader in High Power User Equipment (HPUE) technology that delivers connectivity for life-saving and other essential communications. Our mobile, fixed, and field-ready signal boosting solutions are the highest power devices available on the FirstNet network – with 6x the power of standard equipment. We are the only company allowed to offer these devices due to our patented IntelliBoost technology that makes our equipment unconditionally network safe. Along with HPUE, Nextivity offers a full line of SHIELD critical communications products that include in-building ERCES solutions for AHJ/Code Compliance to meet local Certificate of Occupancy (CoO) requirements. Our SHIELD products feature the industry’s most robust solution to combat Near-Far Effect, a No Noise Guarantee, and unparalleled real-time Talk-In / Talk-Out performance. For everyday cellular coverage needs, our popular CEL-FI® line offers a range of affordable in-building solutions, for facilities and campuses of any size. CEL-FI products are also powered by our IntelliBoost® technology that is built into our proprietary chip. IntelliBoost uses digital signal processing to enhance performance in real time and deliver unbeatable in-building cellular coverage at the lowest cost/ft2. All CEL-FI solutions are unconditionally network-safe and used by over 200 mobile network operators globally.
The Making of Nextivity Smart Coverage Solutions IntelliBoost® describes the collection of knowledge, technology, features, and functions that set Nextivity products apart from “dumb” repeaters. IntelliBoost is...

What is Active DAS Hybrid? Active DAS Hybrid is a unique distributed antenna system (DAS) category that provides outstanding network coverage using active signal amplification components at an affordable cost....

Since the 1970s, the frequency of natural disasters has risen four-fold to an average of 13 per year. Coupled with a similar rise in the number of manmade disasters, our Public Safety and Emergency Response...

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