A passive public safety DAS is comprised of signal source, typically a repeater (BDA), that feeds a network of passive components to feed server antennas and provide coverage throughout a building. See BDA directory.

Typically used in small to medium sized buildings. More common solution for Public Safety than Commercial due to the use of lower frequency bands. This allows for better propagation and ability to cover larger areas with the same RF output power.

An active public safety DAS (also known as fiber DAS) is comprised of a signal source, typically a repeater that feeds into a fiber DAS headend. The signal is converted from RF to optical and distributed over fiber to multiple remote amplifier locations where it’s converted back to RF and distributed to passive networks of components and antennas. These systems are typically used in medium to large sized venues.

Product Title: Fiplex DH14EA-M-AVUT-NDND / FLEX DAS. OTA PSC MASTER DUAL BAND. VHF 136-174MHz & UHF 450-512MHz. VHF: +24dBm, UHF: +30dBm, 32filters + 2 Adj sub band per Band, 8 optical port, NFPA, AC & DC, VHF & UHF: No Internal Duplexer
Type: Hybrid (Fiber/COAX)
Supported Bands: VHF/UHF Dual-Band
Number of Remotes: 8
Certifications: NFPA, FCC, IC, Buy American Compliant & UL2524 2nd Edition Listing
Notes: www.fiplex.com Other internal duplexer options are available. Please call your Sales Rep or send an email to presales@fiplex.com