A passive public safety DAS is comprised of signal source, typically a repeater (BDA), that feeds a network of passive components to feed server antennas and provide coverage throughout a building. See BDA directory.

Typically used in small to medium sized buildings. More common solution for Public Safety than Commercial due to the use of lower frequency bands. This allows for better propagation and ability to cover larger areas with the same RF output power.

An active public safety DAS (also known as fiber DAS) is comprised of a signal source, typically a repeater that feeds into a fiber DAS headend. The signal is converted from RF to optical and distributed over fiber to multiple remote amplifier locations where it’s converted back to RF and distributed to passive networks of components and antennas. These systems are typically used in medium to large sized venues.

Product Title: ProtectLink Software definable ERCES DAS system
Type: Hybrid (Fiber/COAX)
Supported Bands: 700, 800, 700/800 Dual-Band, Band 14
Number of Remotes: 8
Certifications: UL 2524, UL 62368-1, UL508A (UL50E NEMA Type 4). FCC ID NVRDPSA81090-78. Canada ISED 4307A-DPSA810907
Notes: Westell ProtectLink Public Safety DAS represent the next revolution in DAS design, offering the most flexible platform available on the market. Easily expandable from 1 to 8 remotes. Master BDA incorporates service RF port to feed local antennas thereby eliminating the need to buy another remote.