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Your Auxiliary Radio Communications System (ARCS) Passed Inspection! Now What?

As a building owner or property manager, you pray the public safety system you’ve installed will never get used. But what if it does? How can you ensure that it’ll work at go time? This “what if” is not something you’re legally allowed to leave to chance, as per the specifications in the FDNY regulations. Life safety equipment can go “Out of Service” without anyone realizing it. There is only one way to make sure that when the time comes, and you need your ARC System to work, it does. There is no substitute for regular testing and inspections, also known as Day Two Support. 


At RF Solutions, we offer our clients a complete monitoring and support package that begins the day you receive your Letter of Approval. As specified in the FDNY FC511, an approved ARC System must be operated and maintained in good working order and allows for remote monitoring and maintenance of the system. In addition, the FDNY fire code requires annual testing and fault mitigation of the system, as well. 


Maintain Systems in Good Working Order

According to NYC FDNY requirements (3 RCNY 511-01), a daily inspection of the Auxiliary Radio Communications System (ARCS) is required. At RF Solutions, we can provide a secure remote connection to the system to perform this function.  We provide a recordkeeping log at regularly scheduled intervals, no less than once a day.  If the system fails to meet the performance standards, RFS will repair or replace warranted system components to maintain FDNY standards. 


The ARC System components must be inspected and tested annually to confirm that the system is still in good working order. The certification document is then submitted to the FDNY for permit renewal. RFS performs the mandated testing and submission of the materials to the FDNY. 


Your ARC System is Five Years Old. It’s Time to Recertify. 

FDNY FC R511-01(f) requires a radio coverage survey of the system, conducted in the same manner as the commission test. The results of the five-year recertification test will be compared to the original commissioning test to determine whether there’s been any degradation to the system’s performance. Successful recertification results also require submission to the FDNY for permit renewal. RFS performs the five-year test and submits all applications for a permit renewal as directed by the FDNY. 


We Guarantee It

At RFS, we manufacture our proprietary Radio Command Series, which includes the Dedicated Radio Console (DRC) and Radio Amplification Unit (RAU).  As the manufacturer, we provide a hardware and software warranty that covers these units for repair or replacement.  This warranty begins with the initial one-year warranty included at the time of purchase and up to the 5-year recertification date.



Support Outside of NYC

Our Day Two support services work similarly outside of New York City. RFS offers testing and support for Emergency Responder Radio Communications Systems (ERRCS) regardless of its location and irrespective of who designed or installed it. A public safety system protects the public, but the protection only works if the system works. A reliable public safety support team provides a building owner with peace of mind knowing they are covered in case “as and when” becomes “911, what is your emergency?”


For more information on RF Solutions' Day Two support, please contact Geoff Smith gsmith@rf-solutions.com or visit us online.