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Westell introduces ProtectLink™ Next-Gen ERCES Solution


ProtectLink™ is a software-defined BDA for public safety DAS that offers the most flexible & expandable solution for first responders.  Westell’s ProtectLink™ BDAs represent the next generation of in-building wireless coverage for first responders as required by certain National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 72 & 1221) and International Fire Code (IFC 510) building codes. The ProtectLink™ Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a vital link protecting first responders, building occupants, and the building itself by providing superior indoor radio coverage for emergency responders with a smaller, easier-to-install solution. Westell’s innovative DAS-Ready design allows the BDA to support multiple fiber fed remotes for large venues when the optical interface unit is expected to launch later this summer.

The first product in the ProtectLink™ series is a dual band 700-800MHz DAS-Ready BDA that will operate in either Class A or Class B mode. This BDA is available with 1 watt RF output per band and 2.5 watts per band, single band or dual band operation. Class A operation offers 32 filters per band or class B operation provides 4 independently adjustable filters per band. 

Product Highlights

• RF power, and Class B to A are upgradeable via license keys
• Intelligent oscillation management and self-healing
• 90 dB downlink gain, 80dB uplink
• Listed to UL2524, UL62368-1, UL50E Type4
• Built-in battery charging and alarm circuitry
• Built-in annunciator communications link
• EPO (Emergency Power Off)
• Uplink & downlink squelch per filter
• Independent gain control per filter
• Compact footprint
• Fiber DAS ready design
• NEMA4 conduit glands included
• Supports both digital and analog modulation
• Supports P25 phase 1 & 2
• Supports SNMP
• 3-year warranty