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That's An E-Wrap!

Some of the most challenging projects in the public safety arena involve older, occupied buildings, and the planning and implementation of bringing them up to code. These retrofit installations are even more challenging when it comes to healthcare facilities. 


RFS recently implemented an ARCS project at a top-tier medical research facility located in the medical corridor of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. This facility was undergoing an extensive renovation, which triggered the requirement for an FDNY ARC system. The RFS engineering team was able to overcome some of the cable installation challenges on the upper floors with a unique design that allowed for overlapping antenna coverage. This plan negated the need for two-hour fire rating protection of the horizontal cable runs. However, the next problem we faced was the two lower floors. The parking garage was open and exposed without ceilings, leaving us no option to build a soffit to protect the cables. Fortunately, we found a perfect solution to our problem when we brought in Specified Technologies (STI), and their E-Wrap Endothermic Wrap product line. E-Wrap is a protective wrap designed for fire protection of critical circuits and infrastructure such as fire pumps, signaling equipment, elevators, alarms, process control equipment, or emergency responder radio communications systems (ERRCS). When installed around Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT), conduits, or cable trays, E-Wrap™ releases chemically bound water, which has a cooling effect providing up to 2 hours of circuit integrity ensuring continued operation under fire conditions. 


The job was significant in size, requiring several hundred feet of cables and E-Wrap, but STI worked within the construction schedule. STI provided engineered solutions for the protection of over 900 linear feet of conduit as well as dozens of junction boxes throughout this retrofit ARCS project. STI’s proprietary E-wrap provides a fire-resistant enclosure, where traditional means of enclosure was simply impossible.  “With the help of the RFS and the installation team, STI was able to identify many conditions and custom tailor engineered solutions backed by real-world testing to ensure the best possible deliverable to the client.  Having a partner like RFS, with their deep commitment to quality, is invaluable to the process,” said Dan DeSantis, Territory Manager, STI.


ARC systems are custom designed for each building in which they reside. At RFS, we continually look for creative, cost-effective strategies to meet the rigorous requirements of the FDNY. Our systems save lives, and we take pride in the work we do. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that we play a part in making NYC safe for the people who live and work here.