SMART Gateway and SMART Coupler

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Introducing SMART Gateway and SMART Coupler by Microlab, a member of the Safer Buildings Coalition. Microlab is celebrating a 70-year history of designing and manufacturing high-quality RF passive and active devices for Public Safety, LMR, Cellular, Microwave, and Satellite communications.

The SMART Gateway and Coupler were developed by Microlab as a key diagnostic system within the System Monitor Alarm Report Technology passive product line.

SMART Gateway is complemented by SMART Coupler nodes distributed throughout a building’s passive DAS, coaxial transmission line and antenna network. SMART Coupler is a direct replacement for tappers or couplers used in passive DAS designs. SMART Gateway is installed between a DAS head end’s RF source, such as bi-directional amplifier (BDA) or repeater, and the coaxial cabling and antenna system. The integrity of the original signal is maintained and merely passes through the SMART Gateway. The original signal is combined with the Gateway’s diagnostic signaling. The SMART Gateway powers and communicates with each of the passive DAS network’s SMART Couplers via the coaxial cabling monitoring VSWR.

Local Ethernet and power connections are not required with Microlab’s SMART Gateway and Couplers.

The real-time monitoring capabilities that the SMART Passive system provides will ensure that Public Safety DAS system integrators, Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), and building owners can depend on the operation of their Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System.

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