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RFS is Proud to be American Made

Three years ago, we started RF Solutions with a mandate to design and implement state of the art ARC (Auxiliary Radio Communication) System hardware and software. ARC Systems were a newly required FDNY mandate, and a quality product that met all NYC code requirements didn't yet exist in the marketplace. We needed to manufacture proprietary equipment and software and decided to build in the US. It was the right decision, and we have no regrets; it has enabled us to drive our business very far in a short amount of time. 


Taking Extra Steps to Ensure Reliability

The specialized hardware required for Auxiliary Radio Communications (ARC) Systems deployed in New York City, provides onsite command and control communications throughout every new building. First responders in emergencies use our products when lives are on the line. Our products must be reliable at all times.  To maintain this reliability, we have taken extra steps that no one in the marketplace has taken.  Our electronics are tested in an ETL facility and meet exacting UL standards. We maintain these high standards in every system we produce. By insisting the product is built in an ISO 9001 facility, we ensure ongoing quality control, unlike our competitors that have chosen to build their products onsite at their integration job. 


We Manufacture with Integrity

At RF Solutions, we were crazed about the integrity of our manufacturer.  We selected an operator that maintained an environmentally friendly facility as well as providing extensive support for their local community. We are proud to say we found such qualities when vetting our manufacturer. Better yet, we were able to satisfy one additional mandate. The company was in America. Having a local manufacturer that is nimble has offered us significant advantages. The proximity of the plant gives us a competitive advantage because we can quickly respond to customer feedback. In Q4 we will be rolling out new upgrades to our hardware.  More information will be coming out in the next few weeks.  


Customized Options

With engineering and manufacturing resources nearby, we can develop customized solutions for special situations. Any questions or concerns are answered in real-time. We can stay ahead of upcoming code changes required by federal or local government agencies, as well as leverage advancements in technology.


Proximity to the NY Market

Manufacturing near our market allows us to schedule production and delivery to meet the challenges of changing customer timeframes. We can maintain short order lead times along with reduced cost and time for deliveries. Our products are not subject to tariffs or duties and will never get held up in customs. This rapid turnaround time gives us the ability to provide outstanding customer service.


Maintaining a Closed Network

And lastly, and maybe most importantly, we were concerned with the possibility of cyber threats if we built our products outside of the United States. Our custom control and monitoring system consist of microcontrollers and custom circuit boards, as well as proprietary software. We determined that the risk of system hackers would be minimized using local electrical and software engineering services that were ISO 9001 certified. Knowing we've done everything we can to ensure that our systems are 100% operational at go time was a mission-critical factor. Our systems are built to support the brave work that our first responders do to save lives. At RFS, we take our mission very seriously. 


For more information on our products, please visit us online.