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Newmar Introduces Annunciator Panel for Public Safety Battery Back-Up Applications

Newmar Power announces the release of the Annunciator Panel, model AP-8000A, designed to meet NFPA 1221 standards for a dedicated BDA and BDA battery backup annunciation panel.  

Contained in a compact NEMA 4 enclosure, the audible and visual alarm annunciator is a companion to the PE Series power enclosures and features eight Form-C alarm relays.

The first five alarms are wired for NFPA mandated alarms:

  • AC Power Failure
  • Low Battery, Charger Failure
  • BDA Failure
  • Antenna Failure

Three alarm relays are available for site customization; additional alarms could include:

  • Donor Antenna Disconnection
  • Active
  • RF Emitting Device Malfunction
  • System Component Malfunction

An AC power LED and lamp test button is included.


PE Series Annunciator Panels are assembled in the USA and are in stock and ready for shipping.


Jeff Wright

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