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Gamma Introduces RF Compression Connectors for Coaxial Cables

Gamma Electronics is pleased to announce some new additions to their Cable Assembly product line: RF Compression Connectors.  The connectors are made for coaxial cables and are available in 4.3-10 and Type N, (both male and female).  These RF Compression Connectors have been purposefully released alongside another new product, the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool, (learn more here).

RF Compression Connectors


As the name states, these connectors are installed by means of compression and can be quickly and easily installed in the field, (if necessary).  The connectors are installed in a few simple steps.  After stripping the cable, take the provided o-ring and slide it into the third "valley," or corrugation of exposed cable. Then, slide the lower half of the connector over the o-ring and onto the cable.  Attach the other half of the connector, and torque it tight.

Gamma's RF Compression Connectors have excellent test results, with VSWR less than 1.2 and Return Loss less at -21 dB.  The connectors are available in 4.3-10 and Type N variations, both male and female.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of these new connectors, is their wide compatibility. The Gamma RF Compression Connectors work with CommScope cables, both aluminum and copper, as well as Radio Frequency System (RFS) cables, in addition to Gamma Electronics' cables.  To see the connectors compatibility with different cable types, click here.

The new, RF Compression Connectors are available now.  You can learn more about them by clicking here. For more information about the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool, which makes it possible to strip multiple coaxial cable types with a single tool, click here.