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FDNY’s Loss Will Be NYC’s Gain

Henry Nazar may not be a well-known name in the public safety private sector, but that’s all about to change. For the past four years, Henry’s played a crucial role behind the scenes, training fire alarm and electrical inspectors at the FDNY and then as an Auxiliary Radio Communication System (ARCS) inspector himself. As one of the few electrical engineers in the inspection unit, he brought a unique perspective to his team. “I provided a clear understanding of how the electrical code needed to be reflected in fire alarms.” 


A Fresh Start  

Last month, Henry resigned from the FDNY to start his new venture, Nazar Engineering. The firm’s offerings will include designing and filing ARC systems, performing pre-inspections, providing TCO affidavits and VO removals, as well as code consulting. And although he’ll now be using his background and experience to help those in the private sector, he plans to continue to work with the FDNY, to find solutions to problems, interpret code changes, and to provide insight. In this way, Henry can expand his reach, helping vendors design and implement better systems before they fail inspections. “As a professional engineer, I am excited to help the public with life safety issues and to utilize the experience gained with the years spent at the FDNY Fire Alarm Inspection Unit and the NYC Department of Building Electrical Code Committee.” 


A New Type of Collaboration

RF Solutions is excited to announce a new alliance with Nazar Engineering. Henry will play an important part in the design, submission, and filing of our proprietary ARC systems, working as an adjunct FDNY specialist. Having someone look at our projects through an FDNY lens will add another layer of security and assurance for our clients. 


A Fond Farewell

“Even though I’m leaving the FDNY, there are plans in the works for me to continue to collaborate, teach, and inform inspectors on electrical installations and code changes. It’s important for me to keep my long-standing relationships at the FDNY. The chiefs and inspectors are some of the best, and after hearing of my plans, I’ve received wonderful support.” 


We, at RF Solutions, wish Henry the best of luck! 


For more information on Nazar Engineering, you can contact Henry via email at Nazar@NazarEngineering.com or phone 646-399-1084

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