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[On-Demand Webinar] "Raising the Bar on Public Safety Deployments – Tap into the Benefits of Our Unique Ecosystem Solution"

This is a critical time for businesses and employees to stay connected while working from home or from remote locations. With many government officials mandating that employees work from home to social distance, now is the perfect time to advance your knowledge on new product offerings through online learning and research methods to save money for your organization.

In this webinar, ADRF, Windy City Wire, and RFS will share our unique approach to build a cost-efficient in-building public safety network. Furthermore, the speakers will discuss the latest public safety codes relevant to public safety in-building radio booster systems and passive components. We encourage enterprise owners, IT/RF engineers, AHJs, GC/EC, System Integrators, engineering architects, and consultants to join us to learn how to simplify the complex in-building network deployment process while reducing your cost.

Join our subject experts from ADRF, RFS, and Windy City Wire.

- Review public safety communication system deployment process and stakeholders
- Who are the streamlined ecosystem of partners and what are the unique benefits
- What are national and local code requirements for public safety radio communications
- Where to find the recent code updates for NFPA, IFC, UL, and local amendments
- What are the installation requirements for public safety projects
- Review the latest code-compliant public safety BDA and passive components




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