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DAS Talk episode1: Ensuring Safety Through Communication: Chief Alan Perdue on First Responder Challenges and Solutions

"DAS Talk" is a pioneering podcast series hosted by Peter Weyhreter, VP of Gamma, and Philip Nicholas. This insightful series, brought to you by Gamma Electronics, focuses on the world of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and in-building communication, with an emphasis on emergency response and safety.


The episodes of "DAS Talk" are released bi-weekly throughout the entire year of 2024. The series explores the challenges and solutions involved in building effective communication systems, particularly for first responders in the United States and Canada. Discussions center around the roles of organizations like the Safer Building Coalition, advancements in emergency responder radio systems (ERRCS), and the impact of new technologies on the future of in-building communication.


"DAS Talk" aims to increase competency and awareness among integrators, Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), and stakeholders involved in ERCES. The podcast is designed to be a valuable resource for professionals in the field, as well as for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, safety, and communication. It combines technical depth with accessible conversation, making it a must-listen for those involved or interested in this critical area.


Episode1: In this conversation, Chief Alan Perdue discusses the importance of communication systems for first responders and the role of the Safer Building Coalition in ensuring effective in-building communications. He highlights the challenges faced by first responders in communicating inside buildings and the impact of construction materials on signal penetration. Chief Perdue emphasizes the need for proper design, installation, and maintenance of communication systems to avoid noise and interference. He also discusses the role of the ERCES book in increasing industry competency and the importance of pathway survivability. The conversation concludes with Chief Perdue's commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others through his work with the Safer Building Coalition.


Takeaways Effective communication systems are crucial for first responders to ensure their safety and the safety of the public. The Safer Building Coalition plays a vital role in advocating for and educating about in-building communication systems. Proper design, installation, and maintenance of communication systems are essential to avoid noise and interference. Pathway survivability and competency in the industry are key considerations for ensuring effective communication systems.




00:00 Introduction


00:18 Background of Chief Alan Perdue


02:05 Chief Perdue's Involvement in Safer Building Coalition


03:30 Evolution of Chief Perdue's Roles and Responsibilities


05:46 Importance of Safer Building Coalition


07:18 Communication Problems for First Responders


09:05 Effectiveness of Communication Systems


09:28 Factors Affecting Communication Systems


10:30 Importance of Communication Towers


12:17 Incidents with Communication Breakdowns


16:46 Introduction to ERCES


18:19 The Book on ERCES


20:14 Importance of Competency in the Industry


21:15 Pathway Survivability


23:08 Impact of Noisy Interference


31:50 Driving Force Behind Chief Perdue's Commitment