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DAS Helps Hotels and Resorts Increase Guest Safety and Satisfaction

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Help Hotels and Resorts Increase Guest Safety and Satisfaction (H1)

Guest Satisfaction Can Impact More Than Just A Single Stay.


The hospitality industry makes up roughly 10% of the worldwide GDP and employs millions of people around the country. There are many reasons why an individual or family may be staying at a hotel or resort, whether it’s a family and/or friends vacation, a business trip, or being in between permanent residences. Regardless of their reason for staying, their experience is paramount to the success of the property in question.


Research shows that the vast majority of individuals looking to book a hotel room will check out reviews of various properties before making a final decision. Meanwhile, nearly half of the people surveyed said they would leave a negative review if they did not enjoy their experience, but fewer people said they would go out of their way to leave a positive review. This means that it’s likely that prospective guests could see more negative reviews than positive ones - but how can hotels remediate problems that are out of the immediate control of their staff?


Hotels have a responsibility to ensure that their staff are able to do their jobs efficiently while their guests are able to enjoy their stay with as little disruption as possible. For some travelers - especially those on business trips - being unable to use their cellular devices due to a lack of signal strength could quickly become a huge problem. Similarly, hotel staff being slowed down while doing their jobs because they’re unable to get adequate radio or cellular signals to communicate with their colleagues or because mobile devices, such as POS systems, are not functioning properly could be a major irritation to guests.


Additionally, every hotel guest expects that their stay will be immensely safe with absolutely no reason for any type of emergency response, but that isn’t always the case. In the event of an emergency, guests should feel confident that they will be able to call for help using their cell phones from any part of the building or property, and first responders should be able to communicate with each other upon arrival to coordinate their planning.


Unfortunately, the inherent nature of hotels and resorts being very large - and sometimes very tall - buildings made up of layers upon layers of concrete, steel, and glass means that it’s difficult to ensure there’s reliable cellular strength in every part of the building unless additional actions are taken. 


Enterprise Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) can be deployed at hotels and resorts to ensure that guests, staff, and first responders are all able to use their cellular, radio, and Wi-Fi devices seamlessly… and simultaneously. Not only does Enterprise DAS boost traditional cellular signals so that mobile phones can receive cellular signals in any part of the building - even interior spaces like hallways, elevators, and stairwells - but they can also be engineered to include Public Safety DAS components used to boost public radio frequencies for individuals using two-way radios increasing ERRCS so that first responders can communicate via public safety radio channels unimpeded.


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