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Comba Telecom Releases CriticalPoint™ Public Safety Battery Backup Unit (BBU) Solution


Comba Telecom Releases CriticalPoint™ Public Safety Battery Backup Unit (BBU) Solution 

Battery Backup keeps in-building Public Safety Communications Systems working if the power fails


(13 August 2019 – Milpitas, CA) – Comba Telecom, Inc. today released its CriticalPoint™ Public Safety Battery Backup Unit (BBU) product to power its line of Bi-directional Amplifiers (BDA) and Fiber DAS products in the event the power is cut off during emergencies to keep first responders communications working.

The new CriticalPoint BBU provides (-48V) of uninterruptible DC power to public safety equipment for up to 24 hours @ 100W or 12 hours @ 200W.  For compliance with alarm notification requirements, the unit provides an AC fail, battery low and charger fail alarms as well as up to 4 external alarms from other public safety equipment.  On the front panel of the BBU, there are a series of 7 LEDs to visually report alarm notifications and dry contacts for each to output to the annunciator panel.  The unit also supports outlets for Emergency Power Off (EPO) switch and is easily monitored locally through an RJ45 port.  Comba’s BBU has been certified to meet the UL 2524 standard for public safety 2-way emergency radio communications enhancement systems.

“Battery Backup is an essential component of the Emergency Radio Response Communications System (ERRCS) for public safety and we are proud to offer Comba’s solution,” says Steven Cheng, Comba Telecom’s Public Safety Product Manager. “Designed specifically for our BDAs and Fiber DAS products, the BBU integrates seamlessly into creating a robust and dependable public safety system.” Cheng also states.




Comba’s CriticalPoint Batter Backup Unit will be shipping at the beginning of October. For more information visit: https://combausa.com/en/products/public-safety-communications.


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