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Product Title: GuardianA
Supported Bands: 700, 800, VHF/UHF Dual-Band
Class: A
Uplink Frequencies in MHz: From: 799/806 MHz To: 805/816 MHz
Downlink Frequencies in MHz: From: 769/851 MHz To: 775/861 MHz
Uplink Composite Power in dBm: 27
Downlink Composite Power in dBm: 33
Power Consumption (Input Power): 80
2524 Listing Status: In NRTL Lab / Pending
2524 NRTL for Listed Products: No NRTL Reported
2524 Certification Date:
STD 2524 Certification Image:
STD 2524 Comments:
Other Certifications:
Website: GuardianA
Notes: Class A, 2-Watt, bi-directional amplifier with a maximum gain of 90 dB supporting both the 700 and 800 MHz Public Safety frequency bands.