Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) Comparison Chart

Step 1) Please select the frequencies needed to be rebroadcasted. Per NFPA 1221 version 2019;

Step 2) Then select the Class type.

Product Name 800MHz Fiber Head-End BDA Class A Public Safety BDA Farenhyt Series NFPA Compliant, UL2524 listed, Single UHF sub-band, Class B BDA PS51080-SNMP 1/2 watt dual band class B BDA ADRF PSR-78-9533-X (2W Channelized Digital Repeater for Public Safety - 700/800 MHz)
Supported Bands 800 700/800 Dual-Band UHF (Includes T-Band) 700/800 Dual-Band 700
Class A A B B A
Uplink Frequencies in MHz From: 806 MHz To: 824 MHz From: 788 MHz To: 824 MHz From: 450 MHz To: 490 MHz From: 788 MHz To: 816 MHz From: 788 MHz To: 805 MHz
Downlink Frequencies in MHz From: 851 MHz To: 869 MHz From: 758 MHz To: 869 MHz From: 450 MHz To: 490 MHz From: 758 MHz To: 861 MHz From: 758 MHz To: 775 MHz
Power Consumption (Input Power) 50 Watts 130 Watts 80 Watts 75 Watts 150 Watts
Certifications UL2524 UL60950 UL2524
Other Certifications NFPA Compliant - FCC dual Class A and/or B, UL coming soon CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 62368-1 UL 62368 US FCC Part 20 US FCC Part 90 UL2524:S36080,CSFM:7300-0559:0514,NFPA 72 Compliance, NFPA 1221 Compliance,IFC Compliance,FCC Title 47 Part 90,FCC Title 47 Part 15b. - NFPA & IFC Code Compliant - FirstNet Compliant - Simultaneously supports FCC Part 90 Class A Narrowband & Class B wideband repeater designations
Website Link or Product Page Safe-Com Wireless Product Download Commscope Public Safety BDA Farenhyt Series ERCES / BDA Systems ADRF PSR-78-9533-X
Notes Multi-band capable, Dual Class A & B in one unit, NFPA compliant, Interlaced frequencies, Simplex, BBU available UL2524 Compliant, waiting on certification. Support Farenhyt's SLC loop for monitoring of the BDA at the Fire Alarm Panel, Zero Noise Squelch support, Oscillation Prevention. Offered by certified Fire & Life Safety Engineered System Installers. 80 dB of Gain, NFPA 72 (2013) compliant Class B BDA, UL Listed, FirstNet Ready, 700 and 800 MHz bands independently controlled, Mulitple Passband options, Independent power and gain controller The ADRF PSR-VU-9533-X is a revolutionary dual band(VHF/UHF) digital public safety repeater designed to protect the lives of first responders and building occupants.