Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) Comparison Chart

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Product Name Public Safety BDA 800MHz Fiber Head-End BDA Class A ADRF PSR-78-9533-X (2W Channelized Digital Repeater for Public Safety - 700/800 MHz) Cel-Fi QUATRA RED PS51080-SNMP 1/2 watt dual band class B BDA
Supported Bands 700/800 Dual-Band 800 700 700/800 Dual-Band 700/800 Dual-Band
Class A A A A B
Uplink Frequencies in MHz From: 788 MHz To: 824 MHz From: 806 MHz To: 824 MHz From: 788 MHz To: 805 MHz From: 798 MHz To: 816 MHz From: 788 MHz To: 816 MHz
Downlink Frequencies in MHz From: 758 MHz To: 869 MHz From: 851 MHz To: 869 MHz From: 758 MHz To: 775 MHz From: 768 MHz To: 861 MHz From: 758 MHz To: 861 MHz
Power Consumption (Input Power) 130 Watts 50 Watts 150 Watts 45 Watts 75 Watts
Certifications UL2524 UL2524 UL60950
Other Certifications CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 62368-1 UL 62368 US FCC Part 20 US FCC Part 90 NFPA Compliant - FCC dual Class A and/or B, UL coming soon - NFPA & IFC Code Compliant - FirstNet Compliant - Simultaneously supports FCC Part 90 Class A Narrowband & Class B wideband repeater designations FCC Part 90 for FirstNet
Website Link or Product Page Commscope Public Safety BDA Safe-Com Wireless Product Download ADRF PSR-78-9533-X Cel-Fi QUATRA RED
Notes UL2524 Compliant, waiting on certification. Multi-band capable, Dual Class A & B in one unit, NFPA compliant, Interlaced frequencies, Simplex, BBU available The ADRF PSR-VU-9533-X is a revolutionary dual band(VHF/UHF) digital public safety repeater designed to protect the lives of first responders and building occupants. QUATRA RED Class A hybrid solution for LMR 700/800 MHz and FirstNet bands 4/12/14/25. 56 channels, NEMA4, PoE architecture, BBU, EPO and remote annunciator also available from Nextivity. 80 dB of Gain, NFPA 72 (2013) compliant Class B BDA, UL Listed, FirstNet Ready, 700 and 800 MHz bands independently controlled, Mulitple Passband options, Independent power and gain controller